Concrete classes -- stylistic question

Andrew Koenig ark at
Thu Oct 10 19:57:34 CEST 2002

Aahz> You can also do the dirt-simple:

Aahz>     class xy: pass
Aahz>     class rtheta: pass

Aahz>     foo = xy(); foo.x,foo.y = 1,2

Aahz> I'm not recommending this, of course.  You can also do the even more
Aahz> dirt-simple:

Aahz>     class Record: pass

Aahz>     foo = Record(); foo.x,foo.y = 1,2

Aahz> It all depends on where you want your complexity to lie.


I was looking for a more compact notation for constructing
such objects.

Andrew Koenig, ark at,

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