Successfully Compiling 2.2.2 w/Tkinter under OS X

Tim Jones tjones at
Thu Oct 31 21:40:22 CET 2002

Actually, it's AquaTK with tcl/tk 8.4.1 in Aqua mode (tcl/tk apps from 
my Solaris and Linux systems work okay with the built version). 
macpython-sig answers were to use macpython.  Unfortunately, this only 
provide Tkinter support under Classic, not OS X.

Queries to other Mac and OS X oriented lists have resulted in silence. 
I'm sure that someone has gotten Python and Tkinter working under Aqua 
on OS X.

Michael Hudson wrote:
> Tim Jones <tjones at> writes:
>>Does anyone have information to share on getting Python 2.2.2 to
>>recognize a built and installed tcl/tk 8.4.1 installation under Jaguar?
>>The TCL/TK and Python builds complete successfully, but Python does
>>not locate the TK installation
> Is that AquaTk or an X11 one?
> Anyway, the pythonmac-sig is probably a better place for this question
> (or maybe its archives are the place to hit).
> Cheers,
> M.

Tim Jones                   tjones at

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