Numeric arrays with named axes?

Robbie Sedgewick bobsedge at
Sat Oct 19 01:09:13 CEST 2002

"Duncan Smith" <buzzard at> wrote in message news:<aongqk$jqk$1 at>...

> >>> cow = Variable(['friesan', 'charolet'], 'cow')
> >>> dog = Variable(['whippet', 'terrier'], 'dog')
> >>> values = Numeric.array([[0, 2], [3, 5]])
> >>> t = NumTable(values, [cow, dog])

I like the way you name the elements as well as the axes.  That would
be very useful as well.  Good idea.

> I assume you'll be doing something different, so your code will be
> different.  But it's certainly doable.

Yeah, I'd kinda like something that works like Numeric, other then the
extra names, so that I could use it unmodified in many different
products.  I'll play around with it when I get some free time.

Thanks for the ideas....


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