are these operations on list valid?

Peter Hansen peter at
Sun Oct 6 18:11:43 CEST 2002

Ken wrote:
> "Terry Reedy" <tjreedy at> wrote in message:
>>Start up interactive interpreter and try them out.  Best way to learn.
> Can you tell me how to use the interpreter? I am using a stupid and slow way
> compiling on telnet in a remote server....

Ken, it sounds like you aren't running Python on your own machine.
If you are using telnet to connect to another computer that has
Python installed, you should be able simply to type "python" at
the command line prompt in your telnet session to the other
computer.  That would give you the interactive prompt...

Alternatively, download Python for Windows from
and install it on your machine.  Then change to the c:\python22
directory (using the CD command in DOS... I'm not sure if you know
DOS... ask if you need help getting there).  At that point, you
can again type "python" and you will get the interactive prompt,
this time on your own computer.  I strongly recommend going through
the tutorial (from the same site) when you get this far.

See also the FAQ entry at
for more help.


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