building extensions with gcc and python 2.2

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On Sun, 13 Oct 2002, Ken Seehof wrote:

> I'm developing a tool that involves dynamic compilation of python extensions.
> Since I do not want to require my windows users to buy MSVC, I can no
> longer use it build my extensions (i.e. the user needs to be able to
> recompile).
> Therefore, I am experimenting with using gcc as my compiler.
> Should I use Cygwin or Mingw?

If you don't expect them to be running the full Cygwin environment, I
suggest you stick with MingW, but be prepared to check for a Cygwin Python
and use Cygwin accordingly.

> I've found an ancient tome by Robert Kern suggesting Mingw:
> It's very nice documentation, but unfortunately, it's for python 1.5.2 and is
> dated Aug 09, 1999.  Is there any current documentation of that quality?

Apart from version numbers, this documentation still pretty much covers
the field.

One thing you could do is to take Robert's import library rebuild script
(for python??.[lib/dll]) and make it version agnostic.

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