Code marshalling question.

Michael Hudson mwh at
Tue Oct 8 17:17:30 CEST 2002

sismex01 at writes:

> Hello all.
> I've had this question for a while.  Is there a way to marshal
> a segment of code into a string, which can then be transported
> (via whatever method), such that the code segment can be
> unmarshalled later and executed?

Uh, module "marshal"?

> The reason for this is to create my own (I know, "It's already
> been done", but this is a learning experience) marshalling and
> unmarshalling module which will work with an HTTP server, so do
> some kind of object or code repository.  The idea is not to have
> locally the definitions of classes or functions I can request,
> but to simply get a string, unmarshal and use.

You'll need to do some more work here, but marshal can get you a fair

> Is this doable?  If so, how?

Could also look at e.g. pyro.


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