Books on scientific/numeric programming in Python?

Fernando Pérez fperez528 at
Sat Oct 19 22:00:20 CEST 2002

Francis Burton wrote:

> Fernando Pérez wrote:
>> Look at
>> They have 'An Elementary Introduction to Scientific Computing', the text is
>> incomplete. I wasn't terribly impressed by it, but it does have a pyhton
>> focus.
> It's not too bad at all as a course text, imho. Obviously someone put
> considerable effort into writing it. However, I had in mind something
> much more like a cookbook - not so much a "Numerical Recipes in Python"
> (although that would be quite nice!) as a collection of more general
> purpose code snippets and modules that show how Python idioms could be
> applied in the scientific/numerical field. So it would include lots of
> database, graphical and GUI examples and maybe have rather less of a
> web slant. I like the "Python Cookbook" style of exposition.

Well, I'd say that between Numeric, Scientific and SciPy you can probably find 
a fair coverage of code examples. Granted, it's not a book but it may do for 
many purposes.



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