Accessing MySQL *without* using MySQLdb

William wilk-spamout at
Tue Oct 1 11:19:31 CEST 2002

Skip Montanaro <skip at> writes:

>     Luis> I'm writing a few Python scripts for CGI. My hosting company sort
>     Luis> of supports Python (it has Python 1.5.2 running in the server -
>     Luis> Red Hat Linux + Apache) and MySQL. However, they are not very keen
>     Luis> in installing new modules (e.g. MySQLdb). How can I access a MySQL
>     Luis> database from Python, without installing new modules? Does anyone
>     Luis> have a few pieces of code that would achieve this?
> The MySQL access in MySQLdb is actually done by the extension module _mysql,
> which calls the client library provided by the MySQL folks.
> Can't you install MySQLdb in your own directory tree, then add that to
> sys.path at the top of your CGI script?  You should be able to install it
> using something like
>     python --prefix=/home/luis/local

It's also possible to install it on it's own linux and copy the
directory of mysqldb, and

I did it on a webhosting where is only python1.5 (redhat server :((()
and not ssh

If you want a copy of theses binary, contact me.

William Dodé -

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