[OT] Re: Is there a "reset" in Idle?

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> Dale Strickland-Clark <dale at riverhall.NOTHANKS.co.uk>
> [2002-10-11 13:17 GMT]: 
>> JXStern <JXSternChangeX2R at gte.net> wrote:
>> I'd urge the developers to divert their attention away from
>> sexy new language features and concentrate for a couple of
>> releases on addressing shortcomings that shag the IDEs.
> Webster doesn't know 'shag', so I'm not sure I understand that
> paragraph. I also didn't follow this thread. Are there any
> shortcomings in the Python interpreter that make using it from
> IDEs difficult _in general_, not only shortcomings of Open
> Source IDEs?

'Shag' is a 1) British slang term for sexual congress and 2)
a marine diving-bird smaller than but similar to a cormorant.

Like many slang and swearing terms in the UK, it can be used
as a noun 'a good sh..' or, as here, a verb meaning to break.
The past tense 'sh..ged' can be used to mean broken as in
'the IDE is sh..ged'

What the marine bird make of all this, I do not know, but I
really couldn't give a cormorant

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