SOAP frustrations

Martin v. Loewis martin at
Fri Oct 18 23:10:17 CEST 2002

Andrew Dalke <adalke at> writes:

> Yeah?  And when they find out I'm running CGI scripts accessible
> through port 80 then they'll shut down those RPCs too?

Depends on your organization's policy. If the rationale for having the
firewall is to protect proprietary information from accidentally
leaking the organization, through unreviewed services, then: perhaps.

The administrator may either decide shut down all scripts that have
not been reviewed for correctness and safety, or he may decide to
disconnect the server running the CGI from any critical information.

> It's besides the point in that the service I'm helping provide (I'm
> the OP for this thread) is all behind the firewall and only for
> internal users.  Ditto for the CGI scripts.  Though I don't know if
> they have internal firewalls.

In this case, the firewall argument of the SOAP-vs-CORBA discussion
goes away.


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