Python-2.2.2 install

Tom bondpaper at
Tue Oct 22 03:15:33 CEST 2002


I've downloaded and compiled the python-2.2.2 source on linux. I have a 
couple of questions:

I also have python1.5 installed, and I'd like a sure-fire way to keep 
the lib directories completely autonomous. I started out by renaming the 
python binary to _python, and creating two-line bash script that exports 
the appropriate values for the PYTHONPATH variable, but I'm wondering if 
there's a better way. 

Also, In looking through the new install, it appears as though the file provided is an old version (1.1-something). I'm not 
sure why they'd include such a dated version of tkinter, but there's 
always a chance I'm not clear on exactly what they've done here.



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