number comparison problem

Lance lbrannma at
Wed Oct 16 05:56:44 CEST 2002


I suspect they are the results of a floating point calculation and not as
described. Hence, you need to set a fuzzy comparison tolerance. I don't know
how to do it in Python.


"Chris Fonnesbeck" <spam at> wrote in message
news:c3835e5f.0210151910.28fff95b at
> I am using python to code an optimization function that requires
> numbers to be compared to one another, as is common in many
> algorithms.  However, the comparison operators (<,>,<=,>=,==) seem not
> to be working properly.  Regard the following:
> >>> print fb,fc
> 0.132945911028 0.132945911028
> >>> print fb>fc
> 1
> These numbers look the same to me; what do I have to do to be able to
> test numbers accurately in python?
> TIA,
> cjf

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