Is the word "Python" copyrighted/trademarked?

djw dwelch91 at
Wed Oct 2 04:10:19 CEST 2002

> For example, "Windows" is trademarked by Microsoft.  That is in more
> common usage than "python" and also refers to a common object. 
> 					-Michael
> (Actually, windows isn't a great example because "window" IS common
> also in the "close that popup window" sense.  Just ignore that here.
> The "there's a draft" sense is not problematic.)

I thought that MS just lost a court case against Lindows over the use of 
their trademarked term "Windows". The judge basically said you cannot 
(TM) a word that is in such common usage and merely describes its main 
feature. A bit like Ford trademarking "car", I suppose. Wouldn't this 
apply to "Python" as well?


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