change C-j to newline,indent,one indention back?

Erik Max Francis max at
Fri Oct 18 22:51:25 CEST 2002

eugene kim wrote:

> i'm wondering if i can avoid hitting backspace key
> for i in something :
>    for j in something:
>       statement1
>       statement2 # C-j here
>       |<-- cursor here & i would have to do 'backspace'
>    |<-- can C-j be changed to place cursor here?
> return/C-j/C-m all do the same newline-indent..

Why would you want that?  At the end of the statement2 line, how is
python-mode supposed to know you want to autoindent to the _first_ for
loop, not the second?  There is no way for it to know.

Note that it _does_ detect cases where statement2 is a return or a
raise; in those cases it can rightly deduce that you're done with the
block and autointent to the lower level.  But it can't in general; only
you know that, and that's why you have to hit the backspace key.

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