Thankyou, Alex Martelli [Was: Re: Love "Python Cookbook"]

John J Lee jjl at
Mon Oct 21 23:48:46 CEST 2002

"Edward K. Ream" <edream at> wrote in message news:<ixep9.16627$PS1.1784771 at>...
> > Got the book 2 weeks ago, what a treasure trove.  If you are serious about
> > Python then get this book.
> In short, this is just a superb job.  It shows the power of a community of
> users enhanced by the editing of stars.

I just wanted to say 'thanks' to Alex for all his high-bandwidth, good
signal-to-noise postings on this group (and others).  I've learned a
lot by by reading them.

Of course, this book is the work of lots of other people too, most of
which I guess post here too. as a whole really is full of
knowledgeable, friendly people.  Gee, aren't we all wonderful?

Must get a copy some time...


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