What a mess!

Jaqui jaqui at shaw.ca
Tue Oct 22 22:46:55 CEST 2002

Chris Fonnesbeck wrote:
> I have just tried making RH 8.0 RPMs from the SRPM. Though the
> compilation went well, trying to install them was unsuccessful. The
> SRPM makes RPMs of python packages with the prefix "python2-2.2.2"
> rather than just "python-2.2.2".  This causes all sorts of dependency
> problems on 8.0, since the 1.x version is no longer part of the
> distribution as it was in the 7.x releases.  Is there any way to make
> RPMs that are "python-2.2.2", so that the rpm installer doesnt
> complain?
> mongo57a at comcast.net wrote in message news:<3d9f4271_7 at goliath.newsgroups.com>...
>>Thanks. I'll see if I can untangle myself from this.
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it's actually in the macro that is making the rpm that does that.
edit the macro to find where it is putting the 2 into it you don't want 
and pull it out

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