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Wed Oct 16 16:16:11 CEST 2002

Common newbie pittfall :)
I made it run changing the "start.bat" DOS script.
Change it to run Zope with the standard python distro rather than the one
that's provided with Zope binary distro.


PS : please post in plain text here.

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Hello. I have been using Python ( On W2K pro )  for abt a month now and have
pretty much
fallen in love with it. And now I am trying out Zope and I hope I am
submitting this question
to the correct mailing list.

How do I get Zope to see a MySQL database ? I have installed MySQLdb and it
works fine. Now I have installed ZMySQLDA for Zope but when I startup Zope
it keeps telling me :
" no module named _mysql "

I noticed that Zope has its own Python.Exe
Is it because ZMySQLDA doesnt see my MySQLdb ? And if so how do I get it to
see the
PythonPath ?

Thanks a million.

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