SciPy 2.2 install Numeric?

Travis N. Vaught travis at
Wed Oct 30 22:38:30 CET 2002

RobertGMiller at (R. G. Miller) wrote in message news:<d8d0af9e.0210280737.5e48f72a at>...
> I've installed Python 2.2.2 and SciPy for same but "from scipy import
> *" gets a message that Numeric isn't found.  I would add it to the
> path but cannot find it.  The download info says SciPy installs
> Numeric.  What am i missing? Do I need to install it myself?

The documentation needs to be updated--Numeric is not overwritten by
the 0.2alpha versions of SciPy.  You have to install Numeric yourself.

Also, scipy-user at might be a better list for any SciPy
related questions.


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