How to stop a thread?

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Thu Oct 10 22:22:48 CEST 2002

> From: marvelan at [mailto:marvelan at]
> How can I stop a thread that is waiting to handle a TCP
> socket? 
> As there is no kill thread function in Python my first idea 
> was to do a handle_request until I set a global magical_flag. 
> But then I realised that this works only when I have a steady
> flow of connections comming in. Otherwise it will just hang
> (as it should) in handle_request and thus the thread would
> never stop.


Someone else with my same questions... :-)

> So, how can I stop the thread in the example below? I would
> like to stop it when user presses the "stop" button in some
> way.
> class Foo(Thread):
>     def run(self):
>         self.server = SocketServer.ThreadingTCPServer(addr, h)
>         while not magical_flag:
>             self.server.handle_request()

I did something almost-but-not-quite-completely-unlike your
approach.  Mine's an HTTP server class with an inner loop
which listens for connections on the server socket,
but same as you, I didn't know how to wait for a

It seems like select() is our friend here.

My loop loops a little like this:

   def accept_request(self):
      # Wait up to self._timeout seconds for incoming request.
      l =[self._socket], [], [], self._timeout)
      # IF there's a request, accept connection. Else, exit.
      if l:
         csock, caddr = self._socket.accept()
         ident = self.request_ident(caddr)
         self.log("Got request from ", Client=caddr, ID=ident)
         self.dispatch_request(csock, caddr, ident)

This little function __THEORETICALLY__ first checks if there's
incoming data on the socket for up to self._timeout seconds,
if there is, then it accepts the connection and processes
the request; else, it exits.

This helps a little, because I can tell the server between
calls to this function to exit if so-and-so conditions. Also,
having a non-zero timeout helps out all other threads.

Salutations all :-)


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