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Erik Max Francis max at
Wed Oct 16 03:49:23 CEST 2002

Fernando Pérez wrote:

> I think this is a _great_ idea. I still believe that we _do_ need a
> CPAN-like
> system for larger things (full packages), but this is a great
> complement and
> would make it much easier to retrieve small stuff by leveraging
> google.

It's still not clear to me what the distinction between this and the
ASPN Python Cookbook would be.  What snippet would go into a "pattern
repository" that would be inappropriate for the online Cookbook, and/or
vice versa?

>From "pattern" I would have guessed that people were referring to
high-level design patterns a la _Design Patterns_ (Gamma et al), but
it's sounding more and more like people are just thinking about a
collection of snippets for handling certain tasks, which is exactly what
the Cookbook is already for.

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