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Sun Oct 20 23:48:28 CEST 2002

Alle 20:56, domenica 20 ottobre 2002, hai scritto:
> And last but not least, whats the best place to find the different
> exception handling techniques, the site is obismal when compared
> to and the likes :( About as much use as a dead dog :(

Taz, it is quite dangerous to speak your mind here in this way: you could be 
killed for this ;-)

Anyway, please read at least these documents:

- the Python tutorial
- the Python library reference (just have a look at the available modules and 
study the ones you need)

They both are included with the standard distribution.

You can find a lot of articles and examples at:

And, please, read one or both of these books:

- Learning Python (beginner's level) - Lutz & Ascher for O'Reilly
- The Python Cookbook (from intermediate to advanced) - Martelli & Ascher for 

Alessandro Bottoni

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