Reports, PDF, and grid widget for Python?

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Mon Oct 21 20:24:06 CEST 2002

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>to Jython. It seems to me that having the entire Java library (Swing, AWT, 
>etc. ) at your disposal would be a distinct advantage.... and (my guess) is 
>that installing a JRE is not too difficult for the average user? And if I 
>have Java behind me, I can use some of the Java 3rd party libraries that will 
>help me do the reports (like Datavision). 
>Is there a downside to Jython and Java/Swing/AWT (I'm NOT a Java programmer 
>but I've read a few books.) 
Swing is gross, difficult, and slow.  Oh--also poorly 
portable.  Installing the generally-available JREs
probably is too difficult for the average user, although
the Java industry effectively advertises the contrary.

There's enough to like about Swing that I've worked on a
few books about it.

Incidentally, my impression of this project is that
you're trying too hard.  Is the user interface more than
a Web application can handle?

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