How do I invoke IE browser from Python on Mac OS X?

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Mon Oct 21 03:25:21 CEST 2002

And from
comes the open(1) man page:

    open - open files


	   open [ -a app ] [ -o ] [ -p ] filename ...


	   The open command opens a file (or a directory), just as if
	   you had double-clicked the file's icon.

	   You can specify one or more  file  names  (or  pathnames),
	   which  are  interpreted  relative to the Shell or Terminal
	   window's current working directory.  For example, the fol-
	   lowing  command  would open all WriteNow files in the cur-
	   rent working directory:

		open *.wn


	   -a       specifies an application to use for  opening  the

	   -o       opens  the  file (can be used in combination with

	   -p       causes the file to be printed instead of  opened.

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