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> Hi everyone,
> I'm sure this question has been asked before but I thought I'd troll for
> some fresh perspectives. I was wondering what approaches python developers
> have taken to encode and thus protect their commercial applications?
> I'm looking to migrate from PHP, which has Zend Encoder (and several
> others), but is a bit lightweight for my needs. In Python I believe I've
> found the light: code that reads like comments, however first I'd like to
> ascertain that I can protect my future commercial interests.
> Does such an avaricious mentality even exist in the Python community?

By and large, no it doesn't. A recent poster made a similar inquiry and the
general response was "handle that with licensing, not by trying to obscure
the code".

would be a good starting point without having this group rehash the whole
(sorry, slightly boring :-) discussion.

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