Searching Python Manuals

Alexander Schmolck a.schmolck at
Mon Oct 14 10:24:01 CEST 2002

"Matt Gerrans" <mgerrans at> writes:

> >

> These files look interesting... do you read them with 'more' or is there a
> more sophisticated method?  (and I don't mean 'less'!  ;-)

The quickest thing is ``info -f`` but I'd recommend emacs or xemacs.

The quick and dirty way to get this wokring is to copy the python info files
into this dir (adapt for emacs and windoze): /usr/share/xemacs/info and edit
the file 'dir' to add something like:

* python-api: python-api
* python-lib: python-lib
* python-ref: python-ref
* python-tut: python-tut
* python-ext: python-ext

Then you can press <control>-<h> <i> in your emacs and the python docs will
show up together with the other info files. Then, among other things missing
in a webbrowser <s> will allow you to do full text regexp, <control>-<s> will
incrementally search the current page while <m> will jump to menu entries


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