python+XMLRPC: need help

Ruslan Spivak alienoid at
Tue Oct 22 09:19:09 CEST 2002

Hello python-list users,

I can use now only python1.5.2. I have installed xmlrpclib.
Could you help me with the following:
I have to send(via xmlrpc) a list of value pairs(attribute=value) to remote
machine in my LAN. I can do this by encoding this into string like
'attribute=value;attribute=value;attribute=value;attribute=value' and
on another machine to decode it, but could I send this like structure,
not like string and if I should send, for example, list of rows(from
DB), can I send this by list of structures or there is another

Thanks in advance.
Your help is very appreciated.

Best regards,
 Ruslan                          mailto:alienoid at

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