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Tim Roberts timr at
Sat Oct 12 06:23:22 CEST 2002

Thorsten Kampe <thorsten at> wrote:

>* Jacob Hallen
>>> The tension between spammers and the people who develop
>>> spam-fighting software can be likened to an arms race.
>It's a race they cannot win. Spammers are really, really incredible
>dumb - otherwise they weren't spammer.

That's just not true.

I believe I read that the typical spammer gets a "hit" rate of about 0.2%,
or 2 hits per 1,000.  They can send 25,000,000 e-mails absolutely for free,
and get 50,000 successful responses.

Dollar for dollar, spam has a better return-on-investment than radio, TV,
or print.

They are annoying to a tremendous degree, but they are not dumb.
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