RedHat 7.3 (Kevin Dahlhausen)

Nadav Horesh nadavh at
Thu Oct 17 17:38:02 CEST 2002

>> I compiled and installed Python 2.2.1, (now compiling 2.2.2) on my
>> Redhat system.  That broke some of the RedHat utility programs, as
>> they use very old versions of some xml libraries.  It should still
>> work as I've changed the interpreter in the scripts themselves to
>> python1.5.  The scripts are kicked off by a compiled binary and I
>> think that may be the problem.

>> So the question is, how do I upgrade my python on a redhat system?
>> I prefer to compile and install it myself.

One solution: Set the python2.2 name to python2, the name python should refer to the default version(1.5.2)

The method I am using:
The new version is installed under /usr/local. In the system default path
/user/bin preceeds /usr/local/bin, thus all utilities refer to the old python. In my local bash shell /usr/loca/bin preceeds /usr/bin, thus all my
work is carried with the 2.2 version.


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