Python certification?

Terry Reedy tjreedy at
Thu Oct 31 03:28:03 CET 2002

"DG" <david at> wrote in message
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> During a recent discussion, one of my colleagues stated that Python
was not
> an industry standard (programming language).  I immediately
responded by
> distributing the Python advocacy HOWTO to all relevant parties.
> However the question of certification next arose.
> Python is OSI (Open Source Initiative) certified, but are there any
> certifications (e.g. ISO) which Python has, or is aspiring to?

FSF has 'certified' it as GPL compatible.  And many of us will certify
that it is a neat language.  And in a real and important sense, it is
all GvR-certified, which is no small thing.  However ISO
certification, if there is such a thing for a language, would cost BIG
bucks.  Ditto for ANSI/ISO/etc committee standardization, which I
personally would not want at present.


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