Emebbed Python & Threads

Thorsten Goertz thorsten at goertz.com
Thu Oct 31 12:50:39 CET 2002

There is an excellent article titled "Embedding Python in
Multi-Threaded C/C++ Applications" on:

"Kevin Wooten" <kwooten at itracs.com> wrote in message news:<mailman.1036000837.18381.python-list at python.org>...
> We are embedding python in a multithreaded application. Any thread in
> the application may need to run a script in the interpreter. What would
> be the best, performance wise, way to allow this to happen? I am a bit
> confused by all the PyInterpreter, and PyThread functions.
> Thanks,
> Kevin Wooten
> P.S. Please reply directly as I am not subscribed to the list
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