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Tue Oct 22 09:10:27 CEST 2002

Alle 22:51, lunedì 21 ottobre 2002, dave ha scritto:
> Hi,
>   I am about to buy a book on Python and was wondering what version of
> python 'Programming Python' and 'Learning Python' (Oreilly) are
> written against, or if the x.x - 2.2 don't matter to a beginner.
> what'sit like?
> thanks,
> dave

"Learning Python" is written against Python 1.5.
"Programming Python" (2nd edition) should be written against Python 1.5 as 
well (but I have the first edition, that is based on Python 1.3, so check at 
Amazon or O'Reilly web sites for an authoritative answer).

For a beginner to intermediate user, this should not do any difference. In 
any case, you can (and should) check for possible differences with the 
documentation that came with the software.

Have a look at "Python cookbook", as well. You can see a lot of example 
application and of tricks&tips inside this book. It is based on recipes that 
you can find at These recipes are written against 
Python 2.X, usually.

Alessandro Bottoni

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