Build trouble: Python 2.1.3 on VMS 7.2

Mon Oct 21 18:08:24 CEST 2002

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    Alder> Thanks to the kind assistance of others in c.o.v I've managed to
    Alder> get past the compiler issue and attempt a fresh build of Python
    Alder> 2.1.3.  It's not the smoothest build, that's for sure.  Anyone
    Alder> else out there manage to build and install this latest release of
    Alder> Python for VMS yet?  I think I'm getting close to something
    Alder> usable, but have stalled at the point shown below.

Have you been in contact with Jean-François Piéronne?  He already ported
2.1.3 to OpenVMS.

Sorry for any misunderstanding.  I wasn't trying to port it, just install
Jean-François' source kit.  I might be able to drink port, but I certainly
don't do port.  Folks like Jean-François are WAY beyond where I'm at in all

Check out FAQ #7.4.  His code is available at

Hmmm.  That must be a site for future releases.  It's still under
construction as of right now.  The sources I downlaoded are actually located
elsewhere on his site.  No worries, though.

He's also working on mods for 2.3.  In any case, since he's been down this
path already, he's likely to be able to provide more assistance than us
Windows, Unix, and Mac types.

Now that's good news, I'll probably wait for 2.3 now I know it's coming.

Thanks for your response,


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