pyQt - opinions

Alex Martelli aleax at
Thu Oct 31 09:29:32 CET 2002

Axel Vandevenne wrote:
> Qt documentation is VERY good


> The only gotcha is their licence... you can't use it on commercial
> projects and there's only an older qt version for windows...

Sure you can (use Qt in commercial projects) -- you just need
to purchase Professional or Enterprise licenses from trolltech
as per &c.

> But for an open-source linux project I'd say go with qt

Seconded.  But I think "normal" commercial projects can most
likely also afford to invest in Professional or Enterprise Qt
licenses.  Qt licensing IS going to be a problem in some gray
areas, such as commercial products that are worked on only in
a very part-time way by a number of developers, in which case
the licensing fees -- that appear reasonable compared to the
other costs involved with full-time development -- may well
become a too-large fraction of the development investment.


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