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Mon Oct 14 13:23:35 CEST 2002

hwlgw at (Will Stuyvesant) wrote in message news:<cb035744.0210120526.668e0d4 at>...
> We would like to prototype a realtime system.  Is anybody doing this using >Python?

Have a look to  
(QNX is a real-time OS which is free for non commercial use ..)

There is a port of Python 2.2 and an extension module (SRR for Python)
for message passing with external QNX processes. These processes can
provide any services ... a send time out can be archived by using a so
called kernel time-out.

We provide also CAN and PROFIBUS DP (fieldbus IO) support with a time
resolution of 1-2ms. (The limiting factor is the speed of Python ..)



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