Redirecting Output from a Long Running Python app

Skip Montanaro skip at
Thu Oct 31 18:01:01 CET 2002

    Neilen> I wrote some numeric code in python (using numpy, etc.), that
    Neilen> often needs to run for a while.  Therefore I wanted to use
    Neilen> nohup, to ensure it does not get accidentally killed if I close
    Neilen> an xterm or something similar.  The only problem is, no output
    Neilen> seems to be redirected to nohup.out, nor is anything printed to
    Neilen> the terminal.  My program is quite verbose, and I would have
    Neilen> liked to tail -f nohup.out, to see how its doing.

If I want to disconnect from the starting terminal and make sure my
program's output gets saved, I run it like:

    (python >myscript.out 2>&1 </dev/null &)

(This is with the Bourne shell and friends - ksh, bash, etc.  Dunno how to
do this with csh and its derivatives.)  You will have to redirect stdin from
something other than /dev/null if you have inputs that normally come that

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