yielding control

Padraig Brady Padraig at Linux.ie
Wed Oct 16 10:36:54 CEST 2002

Rob Hall wrote:
> I actually anticipated this answer.
>>Get a better operating system. The OS should share things
>>out so that at least you can control the mouse. On linux
>>you can say this process doesn't get more than X% of the CPU,
>>or trivially change the priorities of the python process
>>so that it's queued behind everything else.
> The program processes a series of sets.  Under W98 I get an average process
> rate of around 24000 sets per second with a max rate of over 28000 sets/sec.

Well if it's this granular then you can do your own scheduling
with a sleep(0) I guess.

Interesting you're saying windows 98 is 26% faster than linux kernel 2.4.18.
This must be due to the differences between python on windows and linux
which must be due to compilers? unless you're doing operating system
specific stuff. Are the sets of data comming from the network perhaps?


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