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Erik Max Francis max at
Fri Oct 18 04:42:36 CEST 2002

Peter Hansen wrote:

> I've used qmail, daemontools, and some other items on my own
> servers, and have been quite happy with them so far.  The
> licensing issue concerns me, but is certainly not by itself
> a reason for me (and doubtless some others) to abandon it.

Well said.  About the only other common complaint about DJB's software
that I'd say was valid at some level is his deliberately non-standard
and often puzzling choices of install locations.  qmail in /var/qmail is
slightly peculiar, for instance, but for some of his standalone daemons
the choice of /service, /package, and /command (for example) gets even
stranger.  The decision to put them in very non-standard places seems
arbitrary and generally unnecessary.

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