Zope: What difference between "&dtml-var" and "&dtml.-var"

chunyu dddkk at sina.com
Mon Oct 21 11:59:50 CEST 2002

Duncan Booth <duncan at rcp.co.uk> writes:

> chunyu <dddkk at sina.com> wrote in news:m2elakwe6u.fsf at itr.hit.edu.cn:
> > 
> > when i view_source in a zope host, i find two format "&dtml-var" and
> > "&dtml.-var" to insert dtml variable. but what's the difference?
> > 
> > Thanks any way!
> You will probably get Zope answers more reliably if you subscribe to the
> main Zope mailing list. However, in this case I can refer you to the
> ZopeBook, Appendix A: DTML Reference, Section 'var: Inserts a variable'
> which documents the syntax of &dtml-var; and in particular describes the
> meaning of the dot. 
> You can purchase a copy of the ZopeBook from your local bookstore, or
> download it from http://www.zope.org/Documentation/Books/ZopeBook/ 
> I suggest you download the PDF version, I find it easier to read than the
> annotated HTML. If you search for the phrase "HTML quoting" you should
> find the relevant section quickly enough. 


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