Report writer for Python?

Adams-Blake Co. aremovethiscanton at
Sun Oct 13 21:41:14 CEST 2002

Andy Dent wrote:

> In article <3da7b63b at>, "Adams-Blake Co."
> <aremovethiscanton at> wrote:
>>Besides, what other reporting tools are availabe? I'm
>>especially interested in a GUI-like report writer like Crystal that can
>>generate printed reports. I want to do an application in Python but it has
>>some 40 reports.
> Would a Python interface to a compiled binary do?
> I'm in the process of integrating some of our code generating and
> cross-platform development technology with Python. One of the things I'm
> trying to figure out is what will be of most appeal to people in regards
> to our Mac/Windows report-writer product - a Python interface to run C++
> binaries (source is available) locally, server-side products or what?

I think both would be fine. I'm looking for an IDE similar to Crystal that 
will help me to quickly layout the reports and which will interface with a 
binary or a library or a whatever to allow me to feed the module an SQL 
string and the module or library takes it from there to output the report 
(i.e loop to read a record, determine break-points if an, sub-totals, grand 
totals, headers, footers, etc.) 


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