Button in tkinter??/

Chad Netzer cnetzer at mail.arc.nasa.gov
Thu Oct 3 23:35:14 CEST 2002

On Thursday 03 October 2002 12:41, jubafre at brturbo.com wrote:
> I have a button with a event call, when i start the program and click
> in the button the event do somenthing, after the event finished the
> button continues pressioned, why????

Not enough info to really know for sure... But, why do you bind() to 
the button?  You can just use the 'command' option (and in fact, should 
prefer to do it that way, unless you have very special needs.)

self.open = Button(frame, text='Procuar',widt=10,bd=3,
# self.open.bind("<Button-1>", Procura)  #This line is unneeded


Chad Netzer
cnetzer at mail.arc.nasa.gov

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