Python and Informix

cmkl cmkleffner at
Thu Oct 31 09:05:16 CET 2002

I use starships informixdb module with some minor patches
all the day on HPUX.

Carl Kleffner

Ondrej Krajicek <krajicek at> wrote in message news:<slrnart6v6.qg.krajicek at>...
> Hello,
> I wonder if anyone uses Python to connect to Informix servers
> (IDS7, IDS9). I plan to use Python in one of my
> projects which involves transfers of modest loads of data
> (personal information of users) from Informix
> into Active Directory. Active Directory bindings
> in Python work quite good (excellent job boys!)
> but what troubles me is the second part of the process,
> the Informix connectivity.
> According to,
> the latest informixdb is from 30 November 1999, which is
> nearly 2 years old. Does it still work ? Has anyone
> any experience with it ? Is it usable for serious work ?
> I'm still looking for some hints, tips or resources.
> Can anyone show me the right path ?
> Thanks in advance,
> Ondra

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