future of python vs java?

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It's more like MicroSoft doesn't want Sun (and the JCP) involved. That's why
they make their own Java (J# - although it's not Java IMHO).
But why would you use Java in .NET? We have J2EE. Let them be competitors.
It will only make the two products better (I hope).


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Gerhard Häring <gerhard.haering at opus-gmbh.net> writes:

> William wrote:
> > it's not possible to say python VS java since they can work together
> > with jython.
> > So, everywhere java go, python will be.
> > But not the opposite, python go where java will never go (.net for
> Really? There is a Visual J# product from Microsoft, which is a Java
> just as J++ was. OTOH there is no Python.NET except a proof-of-concept
> wasn't very promising.

I don't remember where, but i read an interview of guido where he said
that now, nobody need python.net, so the project is not really
finish, but when it will be time that everybody need it, it's shure that
it will be.

This is the main difference between java and python, java want to work
alone where python accept to work with everythings if it need.

Isnt'it ?

William Dodé - flibuste.net

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