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Paul Simmonds psimmo60 at
Fri Oct 11 09:50:16 CEST 2002

>I'm trying to build a form with some rows. Each row consists of a >down
>button, a label, and an up button. When the down button is pressed, I >want
>the value in the label to go down, and if the up button is pressed >then 
>value goes up.
<lots of stuff snipped>
My first thought here is to use a numerical keyed dictionary and a small 
scrollbar to get a +-1 to move around it. I've just done something not 
entirely unlike this but with dealing with numbers using an Entry box and a 

I reckon it would be less code, and you could put up and down events in the 
same callback handler. If you're interested I could post some modified code.
Just a thought,

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