JS scjuonline at web.de
Mon Oct 7 21:40:55 CEST 2002

> So when you said "no processes are created" you meant "I don't get
> threads"? 

"No Processes" means, I get threads. (as expected)

>I'm not sure what the problem is yet, so can't yet do much to
> help you solve it! Although you posted the code you didn't say how it
> failed to run on which platforms. Your original post said you saw five new
> processes created on Linux, and you then imply that the problem lies with
> Linux. Is this actually the case or am I misunderstanding?

The code I posted was just a dirty testing hack.
This code shows, that 5 processes are created under linux.
Or at least I think so. But if a 'ps' gives me 

 PID TTY          TIME CMD
 2543 pts/9    00:00:00 go.py
 2544 pts/9    00:00:00 go.py
 2545 pts/9    00:00:00 go.py
 2546 pts/9    00:00:00 go.py
 2547 pts/9    00:00:00 go.py

they should be processes, right?

What is used if I call start_new_thread()?
Is it a user-level library? If yes, which one?

thx, J

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