maintaining order with cgi

Erik Max Francis max at
Tue Oct 22 21:40:48 CEST 2002

Daniel wrote:

> This may have already been asked and answered long ago but I saw
> nothing in google's archives.  Is there any way using the
> (version 2.6) that came with python 2.2 to retrieve the name/value
> pairs in the order they were submitted by the client rather than using
> the FieldStorage dictionary?  Ordinarily a cgi script would know what
> values to look for, but I'm working with a more generic case where it
> doesn't, and order is important.
> Am I stuck grabbing code out of and modifying it to call
> parse_qsl more, or is there something already available that I missed
> in that would be a faster means to an end?

Looks like you're stuck.

Even if the source of the form is unknown, it's not clear to me what
good knowing the order of the options in the CGI query is going to do
you.  As far as I know, the browser gives it no significance.

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