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> Richard Jones wrote:
>> > But the variable timing of memory allocation/deallocation might be
>> > unacceptable.
>> What do you mean by variable timing? If you avoid circular references,
>> CPython 
>> (the C version, not the Java version) has deterministic memory
> handling.
> CPython uses malloc/free to allocate/deallocate Python objects. The
> malloc routine must search a free list for a memory block of sufficient
> size. So the timing of trivial Python operations can vary significantly,
> depending on the malloc implementation and the history of previous
> memory allocations/deallocations.

ok, sure. but i want to make clear that has nothing to do with Python 
suitability for real time applications if the underlying OS causes the 
troubles. if the underlying memory management is that bad, even the 
smallest programm in C suffers from the same problem.

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