SOAP frustrations

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Fri Oct 18 13:25:08 CEST 2002

Another possibility....

martin at (Martin v. Loewis) wrote in message news:<m3elapqlgb.fsf at>...
> grahamd at (Graham Dumpleton) writes:
> > This is because if you were to use Python, you still have to talk to the
> > back end service somehow. Your choices would be to roll your own system
> > with your own protocol or using Python pickling to transfer data around,
> > or use an XML-RPC or SOAP implementation.
> Or else use CORBA. This will interwork nicely between many systems,
> can be accessed in Python both through Java/Jython, and natively, and
> works with many other languages as well.

Over the internet, you really want to use Web Services rather than
CORBA, because CORBA/IIOP uses multiple ports that have to be
explicitly allowed on the firewall ( on both the client and server
side). This is an admin and security issue. (If you are not going
through firewalls then CORBA is a great choice. CORBA can go through
firewalls using IIOP proxies .. however support is incomplete and not

Long-term I think SOAP is the way to go, because of the industry
momentum in that direction. An option that you might consider is
linking JPython to IONA Technologies' XMLBus product. Previous
versions of XMLBus were free previews, and current versions have a low
developer cost (I think) Check XMLBus out at

AFAIK this should work well.

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