Reports, PDF, and grid widget for Python?

Adams-Blake Co. aremovethiscanton at
Mon Oct 21 17:09:04 CEST 2002

I want to write a "business" application in Python and I need to create many 
complex text reports (subtotals, totals, grand totals, etc.). I'd also like 
to display data in a grid object (like Java's Jtable.) Finally, I want this 
to run on the Mac, Linux, and Windows.... with an install as easy as possible 
and able to be performed by a non-techie. Thus, I don't want to get 
"involved" with a 3rd party widget library (wxW.., Qt, etc.) that might make 
the install a nightmare for the user.

Is there a native Python library to do grids? How do you folks "layout" 
complex reports and send them to PDF?



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