Python GTK JPEG Images

wxue wxue at
Fri Oct 18 04:40:21 CEST 2002

I used wxPython to manage my JPEG photo. wxPython is a wrapper of 
wxWindows, which is a generic GUI lib. On linux wxWindow is on top of GTK.
I believe it is enought to do your job.

PIL(Python Image Libray) with TKinter is another option, though I didn't 
try it.


Murray Blakeman wrote:
> I am new to Python.  I have only recentry started investigating Python
> as a programming language to use on Linux.  I intend on making a front
> end for a PostgresQL (RHDB) database.
> It appears that it will do most things that I want it to but I have
> found it difficult finding information on how to display JPEG images
> (from the HDD) in a GTK window with Python.
> I will need to specify the location for the JPEG image and the size
> (hopefully it can resize the image itself to fit).  It is possible to
> populate a GTK window with multiple different JPEG images.
> I store the image filename in my SQL database.
> Is what I want to do possible.
> Thank you in advanced.
> Please CC any replies directly to my email address also.
> Thank you.

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