Reports, PDF, and grid widget for Python?

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Mon Oct 21 23:59:16 CEST 2002

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>> Python installs with Tkinter.  Tkinter provides grid.
>Huh? It does? I must have really missed this in the books I have. I'll have 
>to check this out. All my application needs are text boxes, radio buttons, 
>check boxes, some entry buttons AND a solid grid that I can put data (and 
>other objects) in. 
>OK, can you please answer these questions: 
>1. Is Tkinter bundled with Python or is it a seperate install on Windows and 
>Mac (I'm on Linux and it came installed with Mandrake 8.2.)
Python installs with Tkinter on Windows and MacOS.

Try it.  Do an installation, bring up interactive Python, and
  import Tkinter 

Tkinter has a text (a uniquely potent one, in fact), a radio 
button, a check box, an entry (what is an "entry button"?).
It builds in a "grid geometry manager".  That might not be
the grid you're expecting, but we can get you from one to the

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